Welcome! The purpose of DSP Training Stipend Program is to enhance the quality of services received by consumers, improve direct service professional retention, and increase interest among direct service professionals in skills development and continuous learning opportunities by offering stipends for the completion of training courses. Under this time-limited program, DSPs can receive up to two $625 training stipends for completing approved courses.

Please review the information below and, if you think you are eligible, click on the DSP Stipend Program Button to get started.  You can also click on the play instruction video button to watch a video on how to register. 

Welcome from Nancy Bargmann, Director, DDS

How to get started

  1. Watch Director Bargmann’s welcome message
  2. Review the program information on the right
  3. Click on the DSP Stipend Program Button on the right to get started
  4. Complete the registration
  5. Complete the Code of Ethics course
  6. Complete Course Feedback Survey

After you are registered and complete the Code of Ethics training, you will be receiving a $625 stipend from your employer. You can take other trainings offered on this page, however, you may only receive one more $625 stipend.

Program information

A Direct Service Professional works directly with people with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to assist the people they work with to become independent and integrated into their community.

DSPs, including some frontline supervisors, and clinical staff, who meet the following are eligible for the training stipend:

  1. Work as a paid DSP 10 hour per week or more, on average;
  2. Perform direct support tasks like skills development, guidance, and personal assistance to regional center consumers as a regular part of their job duties;
  3. Spend at least 50% of work hours doing direct support tasks; and
  4. Are employed by a regional center vendor or by a participant in the self-determination program.

Participation in this time-limited program is optional. DSPs can receive up to two $625 payments after they complete up to two approved courses, for a total of $1,250.  These payments will be subject to payroll taxes.  The first required training is on the Code of Ethics produced by the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP). After taking the Code of Ethics training, DSPs may choose a second training from the list of approved courses on ARCALearn. DSPs will be asked to complete a survey at the end of each training course. The training course and the post training survey must be completed in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Once the training course and the post training survey is completed, a certificate of completion will be sent to the email address associated with the DSPs ARCALearn account. Only one certificate will be issued for each course that is completed.

The employer identified during the registration process is responsible for paying the stipend to the DSPs.  


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