Please complete all registration fields before submitting. Using the drop down menu, select the Regional Center you are employed by or vendored to provide services with and you will automatically become a member of that Regional Center's Provider Learning Center as well. If you are employed by more than one provider, select the one that is your primary employer. If you already have an account with your regional center, select the login button below and use your existing email and password to complete your registration for ARCA-DDS Domain.

Please Note: In order to register, you will need your employer’s vendor number and the name of the regional center that vendored your employer. You can get this information from your employer. If you are supporting a Self-Determination Program (SDP) participant as a non-vendored provider, you will use the Financial Management Service’s (FMS) vendor number to register. If after entering the information and selecting the validate button this vendor info is not correct or there are typos in your form, select the back button or refresh the page to start over. Remember, enter the vendor number without any spaces or extra characters. Then select the “Validate” button and confirm the name that appears is your employer. If the name is not your employer, you should stop the registration process and ask your employer to confirm their vendor number. You will not be able to change the vendor number after it has been validated. You can select the Help button in the right lower corner for technical assistance with registration.

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